AwAction Network Inc. is

a 501(c)(3) Maryland based

non- profit organization focused on  improving economic, social, and behavioral outcomes for youth and women

Current Program: MENTOR N MOTION

 online youth mentoring program



We guide our programs' participants  make informed decisions, leading to economic betterment for themselves and others. We enhance their decision-making abilities by giving them the tools to learn and practice. This will ultimately improve their behavioral, social, and economic outcomes. 


We pair our program participants  with professionals in their field of interests for a mentoring relationship. Participants will have access to live training, webinars, and Video-On-Demand (VOD) from our Learning Management System.

Learning content is appropriate, user friendly, and conducive to positive behavioral changes.


Our programs' participants  feel confident about making informed decisions and saving time and money on their targeted interests. Participants ensure they follow the adequate career path.

We facilitate this by exposing them to experts with common interest and arranging shadowing and internship opportunities for the youths in the mentoring program hands-on experience. This exposure gives them the confidence to pursue their interests or at early stages, make changes to redirect their educational or career paths. 


Cultural adaptation is a hardship for immigrants and their children whose upbringing differs from their parents'. As parents try to preserve their cultural heritage and inculcate them to their children, they are sometimes unaware of the struggles their children go through to marry two different cultures that, at times, see the world differently. This leads to conflicts between parents and children who move away from them with the risks of following undesirable paths. Some immigrant parents do not  understand the American school system for lack of experience in this field; therefore, they need some support. I realized, after few encounters with Senegalese youths in need, that neither parents nor their children should have to do it alone as it takes a village to raise a child. My question became: How do I help and how do I bring other people who bridged the cultural gap to help our community youths and their parents overcome these barriers?

AwAction Network Inc. targets youth and women. Our MISSIOn: Improve behavioral, social and economic outcomes of youths born and raise in the United States of America (USA) to immigrants from West Africa, particularly Senegal. We provide services to women that target growth and improved career outcomes.

MEANS: Teaching program participants the principles of making informed decisions to drive their economic, social, and behavioral betterment. We partner with private and public organizations that support our programs and their participants. We look for partners to provide internships and shadowing opportunities to the youths in our programs, scholarships or grants for college, financial donations. We partner with training organizations and author youth and women-friendly training content on various topics, ranging from social, communication, education, and financial literacy.

We are always eager to welcome board members and more volunteers to help run our programs. If interested fill out the contact form below. Donors, your financial contributions help us provide more services and support more program participants.



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