Mentor N Motion Mentee's Enrollment Activities


Submit Application

1. Future mentee or their parent or guardian must consent to the following

2. Child/protégé’ s participation in the mentoring program.

3. Comply to the parents or guardians roles and responsibilities.

4. Mentee applicant and their parent or guardian must respect the mentoring program’s Code of Conduct.

5. Follow Roles and Responsibilities assigned to each.

6. Mentees must stay in the program for the duration of the mentoring session, except when unforeseen events occur.

7. Mentee applicant and their parent or guardian must submit an online mentee application.

Follow Up Phone Conversation

1.A program coordinator will contact mentee applicant and their parent or guardian for a follow up conversation.

2.The follow up conversation will serve to collect additional information regarding applicant’ interests and goals.

3.The application and phone conversation information will be used to identify mentors that match a mentee’s interests.

Application Decision

1. Mentee applicant and their parent or guardian will be notified of their acceptance via email.


If accepted, applicants will receive a username and a password to create an online profile.

2. Approved mentees have access to trainings, tutorials, webinars, Videos-On- Demand, etc.

If not accepted, the notification will include a justification. If applicable, mentee applicants and their parent or guardian may take corrective actions. 

Mentoring is Rewarding



Psychological and behavioral: You feel good about getting a mentor.

Self-Development: Acquire new knowledge,skills, and strengthen existing ones.

Social: Communicate with other mentees with similar goals and dreams.

Economic: Save time and money.

Knowledge Transfer: Become a mentor

Refer others in need of a mentor.

Network with other youth across the country.

Why Online Mentoring?

What's In it for Mentees?

Comfort and convenience: Online Mentoring is convenient and bridges the geographical gap

No financial expenses: It does not cost you any money to get a professional mentor who will help you change your life and explore new opportunities

No time constraints: You conveniently decide the right meeting time with your mentor

Video meetings from your phone or computer

No commute time: Conveniently choose a quiet place to meet with your mentor online

Resources: We provide fun and entertaining solutions to mentoring

Support: Our program coordinators are available to support and walk you through the process.

How do I become a mentee? Submit an application: Click the button below

Approved Mentees

Attend Online

1. Mentees and their parent or guardian will receive an invitation to attend a mandatory online orientation video meeting.

2. During the orientation, future mentees will receive information about the program requirements.

Select a Mentor

1. Mentees and their parent or guardian will receive a list of mentors that match mentee’s profile.

2. Mentee and their parent or guardian must select one mentor from the pool.

3. Mentee will send a solicitation request to their chosen mentor.

4. Solicited mentor will respond to mentee’s solicitation.

5. If mentee and mentor agree, their mentoring relationship will begin.

Begin Mentoring Relationship

1.During the mentoring session, mentees are required to follow the program requirements.

2.Program coordinators will send reminders and notifications as needed.

3.Program coordinators will be available for support as needed.

Exit Mentoring Session

Provide feedback about the mentoring session

Exit Interview

Recognition Certificate

for successful completion

of mentoring session