Submit Intent to Become a Partner or a Volunteer 

1. Consent to comply to the mentoring program's partners or volunteers' roles and responsibilities.

2. Agree to conform to the mentoring program’s requirements.

3. Submit an online form.

Follow Up Phone Conversation with Program Coordinator

1.A program coordinator will contact you for a follow up conversation.

2.The follow up conversation will serve to collect additional information regarding applicant’ interests and goals.

Partner or Volunteer Application Decision

1. Partners or volunteers will be notified of their application decision via email.

If accepted, they will receive a username and a password to create an online profile.

2. If not accepted, the notification will include a justification. 

If applicable, applicants may take corrective actions. 

What's In it for Partners or Volunteers?

  1. Psychological and behavioral health caused by Helping youth succeed.

  2. Broaden social and business network.

  3. Bridge the mentoring gap

  4. Shared training outlets: We provide a Learning Management System (LMS) for personal development – you or your team can access our knowledge base repository.

  5. Collaboration: work with volunteers and program team to add value to the program and your organization.

  6. Exposure: If you are a partner, we will showcase you on our Partners’list AND the mentornmotion's website. 

How to Sign up? Click one of the buttons below.

Approved Partners



Attend Online Orientation

1. You will receive an invitation to attend a mandatory online orientation video meeting.

2. During the orientation, you will receive information about the program requirements.

Create Online Profile

1. Set up a partner or volunteer online profile.

2. Submit additional information to program coordination.

Begin Relationship

1. Partners or volunteers are required to follow the program requirements.

2. Program coordinators will send reminders and notifications as needed.

3. Program Coordinators will be available for support as needed.