Mentoring Vision

Provide meaningful support to youths, leading to 100% school retention from High School through college. 

Developing grounded citizens, business contributors, business owners, or entrepreneurs who give back to their community.



1. Match with a Mentor

Pairing with a mentor with the same career interests enables mentees to learn about a career field's requirements.

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2. Shadowing a Professional

Hands-on exposure by shadowing a professional or participating in internship programs.



 Provide the tools for participants to develop or refine their soft skills. These include leadership, communication, conflict management, diversity and cultural awareness, cultural integration, and more…

What Mentees and Mentors Say

Mentor – Thomas N.

How are things going with Jaime?

Things are good with Jaime…

Since he is interested in doing some development, I had him look at Java & we discussed his progress in the sessions we had. A couple of weeks ago, we happened to talk about the importance of data given the fact that everything is practically done digitally, so we talked about how big Python is for Data Science. Since I’m trying to figure out what he likes, we may shift to Python for data science and learn it together…. That’s pretty much where we are!