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Eligibility Requirements


Mentee Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be enrolled in High school

  2. Obtain parental/guardian permission 

  3. Submit a mentee application form

  4. Ability to follow organizational and programs' policies and code of conduct

  5. Willingness to interact with our program coordinators 

  6. Responsive to inquiries from your mentor and program coordinators


Mentor Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be a seasoned professional in your field

  2. Submit a mentor application form

  3. Complete/pass a background check 

  4. Ability to follow our organizational and programs policies 

  5. Interact with program coordinators

  6. Attend mandatory trainings and webinar


Enrollment & Participation Steps

  1. Submit an application 

  2. Follow up Conversation with program coordinator

  3. Receive application decision

  4. Attend an online orientation

  5. Consent to the proposed mentor/mentee match

  6. Start your mentoring session

  7. Attend trainings

  8. Attend webinars

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